2019 Tesla Truck

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2019 Tesla Truck

2019 Tesla Truck welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures electric car, we hope our site can give you best experience. The musk and Tesla have defied the odds by finally finishing the first stab of the automobile in the commercial trucking industry. It is simply called the semi Tesla and it finally broke the cover at a media event on November 16, 2017, after years of teasing. Starting alongside the Hot 2020 Tesla Roadster, the semi is designed to reinvent the way trucking is done. Tesla says its all-electric transmission will give more than 500 miles of range on a single charge while towing 80 000 pounds, be much less difficult to maintain, and outperform the Convention semi-trailers in performance and safety-all at one Lower operating cost. It’s a big order. Oh, and it will hit 60 mph in just 5.0 seconds when unloaded.

With the semi, Tesla will release a new charging system. This is called the Megacharger and it’s a high speed DC charging station capable of adding about 400 miles of reach in just 30 minutes. Tesla says the Megachargers can be installed by fleet operators anywhere along their routes and will be common to truck stops in heavily tampered areas.

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The half Tesla looks like the future. Ask a 10-year-old child to draw what an 18-wheeler might look like in 50 years, and that’s probably what you would get. Each shape is new since the semi does not have a massive turbodiesel engine to contend with. On the contrary, the massive battery pack is located between the frame rails, down low path. That gave the designers of Tesla almost free reign in the shaping of the truck. Of course, aerodynamics is a great factor, so the front looks smoother than a proctologists ‘ tool set. Tesla will apparently offer both a low roof and a high-roof model.

Aerodynamics continues to play a large role in the lower sections of the seedlings, too. The bumper hangs low, the wings wrap tightly around the wheels, and the side skirts spend almost on the ground. The wings on the rear axles help reduce drag. In fact, Tesla says that the semi has a sliding coefficient of 0.36, which is less than a Bugatti Chiron at 0.38 (which is true for automatic mode). Tesla says regular semi trucks vary between 0.65 and 0.70 drag coefficient. This seems to be a terrible extravagant claim, but Musk should know what it is talking about since it also runs an aerospace company.

2019 Tesla Truck Interior

The half of Tesla still separates from the conventional seedlings with its interior. The driver is positioned at the front and center in the cab, placing it in the ideal position to see all around the front end of the truck, aided by the short overhangs and the 360 degree camera system. Two large touchscreens serve as workstations, gauge beam, system controls, and screens for cameras.

Behind the driver is a bunk cabin, offering a place to relax while on the road. And speaking of relaxing, the semi Tesla will come with the autopilot, allowing the driver to deliver the driving functions to the computer. The semi is also programmed to follow a convoy, which has a truck leading the way and a herd of independently controlled seedlings following behind. Vehicle to vehicle communications keeps the convoy synchronized and allows each truck to brake and accelerate simultaneously with those around it. Of course this would make the workload less for the driver.

Integrated computer systems and tablet screens also contain information from the driver’s log, making it easier to keep track of mileage on driving time.

2019 Tesla Truck Engine

The details were not given regarding the kWh or the physical size of the battery, but Tesla says that the electric motors are derived from those used on the Model 3 and are validated to last more than a million miles. The battery will provide enough charge to drive 500,000 to the legal charge limit of 80 000 pounds. The truck is also said to scale five percent of the ranks at 65 mph without losing momentum-a feat mainly turbodiesel seedlings can not make past 45 mph. On a flat ground with 80 000 pounds of tow, the truck consumes less than 2.0 KW per mile at the speed of the highway.

Performance wise, the unlimited torque of electric motors will allow the semi-Tesla to hit 60 mph in just five seconds without a trailer and 20 seconds when fully charged to 80 000 pounds. Plan a full minute to reach 60 mph in a semi-conventional.

2019 Tesla Truck

As for the brakes, the semi Tesla uses regenerative braking. The regeneration brakes are supposed to recover 98 percent of the kinetic energy before converting it to electrical power to recharge the battery. Since conventional friction brakes only handle two percent of the load, they should last the life of the truck.

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2019 Tesla Truck Price

Tesla has not confirmed how much the half will cost in total, but companies who want a blow to the early property can pay a deposit of $5 000 for each truck. Supermarket chain News Wal-Mart and Meijer, with trucking giant J.B. Hunt have already placed orders.

Despite not knowing the actual price of the truck, Tesla says that the semi can save about $200 000 in fuel costs alone, compared to a semi-propelled diesel over a million miles. (and yes, a million miles is about the life expectancy of a semi-truck.) This economy is possible thanks to low electricity costs. The average price oscillates around $0.12 per kWh in the United States and may even be lower for large-scale industrial users. Regardless of the actual specifics, Tesla claims companies will save money by switching to semi-electric.