2019 Tesla Model Y

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2019 Tesla Model Y

2019 Tesla Model Y welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures electric car, we hope our site can give you best experience. Our exclusive image glimpses how the car might look when it arrives in 2019. If Tesla adopts a ‘ Russian doll ‘ approach to the design of the model Y, we expect to imitate the shape of the model X SUV and function in a smaller package – perhaps even up to the ‘ Falcon wing’portes ‘ style, which the Musk has already promised. The cool design marks of the Model 3 such as the flat front end and without grid could also define the new car.

Although the model will be sitting under the Model X in the Tesla range as its second and smaller SUV, it would make sense for the manufacturer to market the Model Y as a 3 crossover model rather than a smaller X model , especially when the latest news of Musk is taken into account.

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Tesla has abandoned the plans to develop the model Y around a new dedicated electric platform and it will now use the same bases as the Model 3 so Musk confirmed. This will allow the company to put the Y model on the market much earlier than was originally expected, and will also slash R&D costs. Musk alluded to making adjustments to the platform to help automate the production process further.

Given a sharing platform with Model 3 has now been confirmed, it is extremely likely that transmissions will be the same, too. Tesla has not officially confirmed the battery pack sizes for the 220-mile standard and 310-mile long-range launch editions of Model 3, but has already promised all-wheel drive and performance variants.

2019 Tesla Model Y Interior

The Silicon Valley brand had its views on the BMW 3 series when making the Model 3. Now, with model Y, it’s happening again. Tesla wants to make the model Y a smaller SUV than the hideously unwinnable X model. It also wants to make it a more affordable SUV option, similar to Model 3. So this puts it in line with the BMW X3, which will also have an electric variant.

We have not yet driven the new BMW X3, so we have no way of knowing what it will be like. But we know that BMW had electrification in mind during its development. So we expect it to be a good EV SUV and not some thought after blow to stifle the public demand. Although, the X3 is at a bit of a disadvantage compared to the model Y to come. The Tesla is designed from the base as an electric car. The X3 was designed as a traditional fot this internal combustion car first. So the Model 3 will have more cabin space and perhaps even more seats.

That said, BMW has been working battery technology, so we expect the BMW X3 Electric to have an impressive range and power, similar to that of the Tesla 3 model, at least.

2019 Tesla Model Y

It’s a smart move by Tesla, though. SUVs are extremely popular in any segment and customers are willing to pay a premium for them. So it’s easy to make money on them. Also, thanks to their larger size, it is easier to stuff the batteries and engines in them while keeping tons of interior space. We’ll see what’s starting to come from what we inches closer to its targeted release date 2019. But one thing is certain, Tesla still has his eye on BMW.

2019 Tesla Model Y Price

Tesla just released what could be one of the most important cars in the automotive market-the Tesla Model 3. Granted, it’s a bit of a soft release, with only a handful of people being able to actually take delivery of them. Nevertheless, it is still a very important car for the industry. It marks the first long-range, affordable, all-electric sedan. At about $35 000, it is difficult to make an argument for the Chevy Bolt or BMW i3 on Model 3. Hell, it will start to become difficult to make a car for traditional competitors, like the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes-Benz C-class, for many buyers. But still, Tesla is not finished because it is ready for another SUV-the Tesla model Y.