Tesla Maintenance Cost Guide: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Tesla Maintenance Cost: Maintaining the Tesla car you are currently using is the right decision if you are ready to know and understand several Tesla car maintenance in general and specifically from all sides of the problems that will arise.

Tesla electric cars (EVs) have ushered in a new era of innovation in the automotive sector by providing customers with cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance and dedication to environmental responsibility. However, many potential buyers are concerned about the high cost of maintaining these cutting-edge cars, despite Tesla’s stylish looks and eco-friendly credentials being two of the company’s biggest selling points.

Maintaining a Tesla vehicle seems simple enough as this fits the electric vehicle revolution. On the other hand, electric vehicles have fewer mechanical components in the car. In other words, you won’t have to go through the expense and inconvenience of changing the oil, replacing the transmission fluid, or flushing the coolant.

In America, Tesla cars are quite famous. Tesla authorities are maximizing efforts to disseminate information about ease of maintenance and cheaper routine servicing costs. Driving a Tesla requires regular maintenance, service centers are less frequent than regular auto shops, and costs are involved.

But you don’t need to worry; in this article, we will discuss the aspects that contribute to Tesla maintenance costs and provide some insight into what owners can expect in this regard in a complete and detailed manner to make it easier to find a solution.


Tesla Maintenance Cost: Explanation

Tesla Maintenance Cost: You need to know that the Tesla Model 3 is one of the fastest-selling electric cars in America. In 2023, it received the award for the vehicle with the Lowest 5-year Cost of Ownership in the luxury electric vehicle segment.

You need a budget of around $3,115 or $623 per year for maintenance for five years during the Tesla Model 3’s ownership period. Of course, this is higher than many gas-powered competitors, such as maintenance for a Genesis G70 model car, which costs $2,621 over five years.

However, Tesla’s strong fuel economy more than makes up for the additional costs. It is important to remember that some maintenance costs may add up. This often happens because electric vehicle tires wear out more quickly due to the extra weight of the battery and need to be replaced more often than tires on traditional petrol cars.

It’s different if older Tesla models may require additional maintenance and repair costs over time. This happened to one Viltris user on the Reddit Forum, who mentioned the cost of $3,631 to replace one headlight on a 2014 Model S.

Tesla Maintenance Cost

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TeslaLounge/comments/101kamj/tesla_service_estimates_3631_to_replace_one/

Can You Maintain a Tesla Yourself?

The answer is, of course, yes. You can take care of your beloved Tesla car because several items in Tesla’s routine maintenance schedule are simple enough for a competent home mechanic to carry out. For example, replacing the cabin air filter every two years is easy with minimal experience.

Other tasks, including testing for brake fluid contamination, require shop equipment that most of us still need.

However, every new Tesla comes with a bumper-to-bumper and battery warranty. The battery warranty period can vary from eight years or 100,000 to 120,000 or 150,000 miles, depending on the model. The bumper-to-bumper warranty is four years or 50,000 miles.

Where to Go for Tesla Maintenance

Suppose you need more time to carry out maintenance and want a professional to handle it. In that case, the right solution is to contact a fleet of cellular service providers officially employed by Tesla authorities. They will accompany you wherever your Tesla is parked to perform routine maintenance, including tire rotation, cabin air filter replacement, and other basic tasks.

Tesla maintains a network of service centers for less common and more extensive work. The company operates service centers in at least 35 states as of this writing. However, some of them are strategically located. Ease of access varies greatly based on where you live. California residents can use 47 service centers throughout the state. If your Tesla has problems in Idaho, you must go to Boise.

Is there another solution if you are far from a Tesla service center? Of course, this has a solution. GM has started and is ready to service Tesla vehicles in recent years. This is because GM estimates that 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of their dealers.

Can You Take Your Tesla to a Regular Auto Repair Shop?

Only a few independent repair shops have certified technicians to work on electric cars. This will likely change in the coming years as electric vehicles dominate most cars on American roads.

However, currently, most independent stores do not sell Tesla vehicles. Tesla authorities also note, “If you choose to take your vehicle to a non-Tesla repair shop for maintenance or repairs, your warranty coverage may be affected if a problem occurs.”

Tesla Routine Maintenance: Tesla Maintenance Cost

Tesla Maintenance Cost: In this case, Tesla vehicles use maintenance-free batteries and electric motors. These components replace the engine, fuel system, and transmission in gasoline-powered cars—the parts that are the source of most maintenance needs.

Like other electric cars, Tesla uses suspension systems, tires, brakes, and other parts similar to those used in internal combustion engine vehicles. These parts still require routine maintenance.

The battery mentioned above provides power to the vehicle’s driving motor. However, electric cars also have a 12-volt battery to operate accessories, including door locks. In a Tesla, the 12-volt battery must stay charged because the vehicle uses a button, not a traditional door handle, to open the door from the inside.

If the battery is dead and the lock doesn’t work, you must open the door using the mechanical release before the window switch. Although this is rare, keep the 12-volt battery charged to avoid the uncomfortable feeling when your door doesn’t open as expected.

Does a Tesla Require Any Unique Maintenance?

Due to their unique nature, Tesla vehicles require unusual maintenance services. For example, regenerative braking uses resistance from the electric motor to help slow the Tesla. This function means the driver is less dependent on the brakes. Therefore, brake pads on Teslas tend to last longer than on gas-powered cars.

However, Tesla requires owners to lubricate brake calipers annually in states that use road salt in the winter. Additionally, many Tesla owners have shared anecdotes stating that Tesla tires must be replaced before their estimated lifespan ends.

Tires advertised as lasting 40,000 miles may only last 30,000 on a Tesla. Increased wear and tear could be caused by electric vehicles weighing more than gas-powered cars. Another cause may be the instantaneous torque of their motors, which results in high-friction starting.

What Maintenance Should Tesla Owners Go Through?

Because Teslas do not have traditional engines and transmissions, routine tasks such as oil changes and coolant flushes are unnecessary.

Tesla Maintenance Cost: Types of Vehicle Maintenance and Recommended Maintenance

Tesla Maintenance Cost

Tesla Maintenance Cost: Tesla highly recommends regular maintenance to optimize your vehicle’s performance, reliability, durability, and safety. Unlike gasoline cars, Tesla vehicles do not require traditional oil changes, fuel system maintenance, spark plug replacement, or emissions checks.

Even brake pad replacement is rare because regenerative braking returns energy to the battery, significantly reducing brake wear.

Cabin Air Filter

Your Tesla vehicle has an air filter that prevents pollen, industrial impacts, road dust and other particles from entering the vents. The cabin air filter also filters out pollen, dust, and other particulates found in the air inside your Tesla. It would help if you replaced it every two years or every 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.

We recommend the following cabin air filter replacement schedule:

Model 3Replace your cabin air filter every two years.
Model YReplace your cabin air filter every two years.
Model SReplace your cabin air filter every 3 years
Model XReplace your cabin air filter every 3 years

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter

HEPA air filters are more advanced filters that can remove even smaller particles, such as allergens and germs. They are also known as high-efficiency particulate air filters. People suffering from asthma or allergies should use them. They must be replaced every three years or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first.

We recommend replacing the HEPA filter and carbon filter every three years for HEPA-equipped Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y. For the Cybertruck, we recommend replacing the HEPA filter every two years or annually if driving off-road or on dirt roads.

Tire Rotation, Wheel Balance and Alignment

We recommend rotating your tires every 6,250 miles, or if the tread depth difference between your two tires is 2/32 inch or more, whichever comes first. Aggressive driving can accelerate tire wear and may require more frequent tire service.

Unbalanced and misaligned wheels and tires can impact handling, life, and steering components. For additional details, see the tire manufacturer’s owner’s manual and warranty documentation.

Brake Fluid Test

We recommend testing your brake fluid for contamination by scheduling a Tesla service appointment every four years and replacing it as needed.

Note: Heavy brake use due to towing, descending mountains, or performance driving – especially for vehicles in hot and humid environments – may require more frequent brake fluid checks and changes.

Air Conditioning Services

AC servicing replaces A/C dryer bags for longer life and better efficiency of your AC system. We recommend that you follow the following AC service schedule:

Model 3Replace your A/C desiccant bag every 4 years
Model YReplace your A/C desiccant bag every 4 years
Model SReplace your A/C desiccant bag every 3 years
Model XReplace your A/C desiccant bag every 3 years
CybertruckReplace your A/C desiccant bag every 8 years

We recommend replacing the A/C dryer bag every 6 years for Model 3s manufactured from 2017 to 2021 if they do not have a heat pump.

We recommend replacing your A/C dryer bag every two years for Model S vehicles manufactured from 2012 to 2020 and every four years for Model X vehicles manufactured from 2012 to 2020.

Winter Care

We recommend cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers for vehicles in cold weather areas every 12 months or 12,500 miles.

High Voltage Battery Maintenance

The battery is the most important component of any electric vehicle. Tesla vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries, whose lifespan is estimated at hundreds of thousands of kilometers. While replacing their batteries is rare for most Tesla owners, it comes at a cost.

The fact that this battery can last so long proves that Tesla prioritizes quality. The battery in a Tesla may require replacement between 300,000 and 500,000 miles after being driven, depending on factors such as how the vehicle is driven, environmental conditions, and battery chemistry.

If a high-voltage battery requires maintenance, your vehicle will alert you by displaying a message on the vehicle’s touch screen indicating that you should schedule a service visit.

High-voltage battery systems should be serviced only by trained technicians. Under no circumstances should you open or tamper with the battery. Do not disassemble, remove, or replace high-voltage components, cables, or connectors.

Fluid For Windshield Washers

Windshield washer fluid should be renewed every six months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. This will help keep the windshield clean and free of any dirt or grime that may have accumulated.


If you already have a Tesla wall charger, consider investing in a waterproof case to protect it from rain, snow, and other inclement weather.


The standard floor mats on Teslas can get dirty and wear out over time. Consider purchasing a set of custom-made floor mats from a third-party manufacturer designed to fit your Tesla.

Chair Covers

Seat covers help protect your Tesla seats from dirt, stains, and general wear and tear. They can also inject a little class into your home.

In addition to these products, you can also include information about other maintenance items that Tesla owners need to keep in mind, such as:

  • Changing the oil
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Checking brakes
  • Rotate tyres
  • Schedule regular service appointments

Tesla Maintenance Cost: Normal Maintenance And Inspection

New Tesla Maintenance Cost

Tesla Maintenance Cost: Even though they need it less frequently and at a lower cost than conventional cars, Tesla vehicles still require regular maintenance. Here’s a list of places where Tesla vehicle owners should allocate funds for maintenance:

  1. Tyres: Like any other car, tires need to be rotated and replaced periodically. The frequency of tire rotation depends on how people drive and road conditions.
  2. Brake Pads and Fluids: The regenerative braking mechanism used by Tesla helps the brake pads last longer. However, they will eventually wear out and require repairs, which will cost equivalent to conventional cars.
  3. Air Filter: The cabin air filter should be updated regularly to ensure the highest possible air quality and the most effective operation of the climate control system.
  4. Software Updates :Tesla frequently issues over-the-air software updates to improve vehicle performance, introduce new capabilities, and fix any deficiencies that may be discovered. These upgrades are often free and can increase a person’s driving time.

Tesla Maintenance Cost (RepairPal)

Next, we will discuss an overview of Tesla maintenance costs you may face, manufacturer-recommended services, and information about where to get your Tesla serviced. According to RepairPal, the average Tesla maintenance cost is $832 per year. That’s higher than the average of $652 per year for all car models sold in the United States.

It depends on what service your Tesla needs; you may spend more money than the average car owner on annual maintenance. Below, we attach Tesla maintenance costs by model, and All estimates are based on information from Caredge over ten years of ownership:

Tesla ModelAverage Maintenance Costs
Tesla Model 3$3,587
Tesla Model S$4,566
Tesla Model Y$4,732
Tesla Model X$5,723

In addition, we also present several Tesla Maintenance Service items based on first-person customer reports:

Tesla Maintenance ServiceTesla Maintenance Cost
Cabin air filter replacement$60 to $200
Wiper blade replacement$20 to $50
Tire rotation$35 to $100
Brake system flush$100 to $110
Air conditioning service$50
Full-service maintenance, which includes an inspection as well as the services listed above$475 or higher

While these prices are not prohibitively high and will almost certainly cost less than the cost of maintaining a gasoline-powered vehicle, investing in an extended car warranty can still help make your Tesla maintenance costs more affordable.

Is Tesla Maintenance Expensive?

Tesla cars are $180 more expensive per year than the average maintenance costs of all major vehicle brands. Because so many Tesla vehicle parts are unique and hard to find, expect you to spend more money than the average driver on Tesla maintenance and repairs. Luxury car brands like Tesla usually charge a premium for vehicle parts.

Tesla Repair Costs

Tesla Maintenance Cost: The average repair cost of owning a Tesla vehicle is approximately $5,552. A Tesla costs $1,078 more over its lifetime than other electric vehicles. However, repair costs will vary greatly depending on your vehicle model and driving habits.

Here are some repair costs that Tesla owners should take into consideration:

Repair ItemCost of repairs
Aero Shield Replacement$427.16
Superbottle replacement$672.75
PTC/cabin heater$1,148
Tire replacement$799**

*All repair costs are covered for the Tesla Model 3, a long-range, driven 90,000 miles.

**This is the average replacement cost of 3 tire changes carried out by the owner. Note that the owner purchased cheaper discount tires for his first two sets, so the costs may vary depending on your situation.

Tesla Maintenance Costs vs. Gas-Fueled Cars

Tesla owners will spend more money on maintenance and repairs than on fuel over the life of their car, but the Cost of owning an electric car is cheaper overall than a gasoline vehicle. An electric vehicle like a Tesla costs an average of $849 per year, which is $68 cheaper than maintaining a gas car. However, this depends on your driving habits and your electric car model.

What Maintenance Does a Tesla Need?

All Tesla vehicles do not require annual maintenance and can be done as needed. However, the company recommends certain maintenance items to ensure your Tesla is in the best working condition. Here are some daily recommendations that Tesla owners should check every day:

  • Battery charging
  • Tire condition and pressure
  • Exterior lights
  • Horn
  • Turn sign
  • Windshield wiper/washer
  • Seatbelt
  • Abnormal fluid deposits under the car (not water from the AC)
  • Remove corrosive substances such as bird droppings, tree resin, and more

The company recommends checking your washer fluid and AC system status every month. You can run diagnostics for most of these checks from the touchscreen console or your Tesla app.

How Much Maintenance Does a Tesla Require?

Based on the automaker’s recommendations, your Tesla only needs maintenance every two to three years for most services. However, every vehicle is different, and depending on the model and your driving habits, more or less maintenance may be required.

Tesla Maintenance Schedule

Tesla’s recommended maintenance schedule is basic and generally states that drivers should address problems as they arise. The following sections outline specifically recommended maintenance for all Tesla Model 3, model X, model S, and Model Y vehicles:

Tesla Maintenance ItemMaintenance Schedule
Cabin air filterEvery 2-3 years, depending on model
High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filterEvery 3 years
Tire rotation and wheel alignmentEvery 6,250 miles
Brake fluid testEvery 2 years
Air conditioning serviceEvery 3-6 years, depending on model
Winter care (brake caliper cleaning and lubricating)Every year or after 12,500 miles in cold-weather regions

While this is the only item listed on Tesla’s maintenance schedule, stay alert for other issues. At some point in your Tesla’s life, you may need to perform other routine needs, such as replacing your wiper blades.

Tesla Maintenance Cost: Where Can I Service My Tesla?

Tesla Maintenance Cost: You can only service your Tesla at maintenance locations certified by the company. These may include the automaker’s dedicated service locations or certified repair shops joining their program. All service centers near you can be found in your Tesla app or on their website.

Tesla Service Center

Customers can make appointments at the Tesla Service Center via the Tesla app. One of the futuristic parts of owning a Tesla is that service technicians can perform diagnostics remotely, so you don’t have to take your vehicle to a dealer or repair shop for service. Tesla also provides high-tech software updates via WiFi and the company’s extensive satellite system.

Other features of the Tesla app allow Tesla owners to check their car’s supercharging status in real-time, lock or unlock the doors, find the nearest Tesla supercharger, and hail vehicles with exclusive Autopilot capabilities.

Tesla Recall

All maintenance, repairs and replacements related to the recall are free if performed at a certified Tesla repair center. You will usually receive a withdrawal notification via the app or email. If you want to check if your car still needs servicing, the full list is on their website, or you can look up the status online via VIN.

Tesla Maintenance Cost: Tesla Maintenance Plan

New Tesla Maintenance Cost

Tesla Maintenance Cost: You can purchase a Tesla prepaid maintenance plan for three years/37,500 miles or four years/50,000 miles. This plan will cover all routine maintenance items recommended in the automaker’s schedule. However, you will not be protected if you choose to have treatment outside the scope or routine recommendations.

Tesla Maintenance Plan Costs

According to cost data from Inside EVs, a Tesla maintenance plan can cost anywhere from $1,550 to $2,750. However, the price varies depending on the vehicle model, type of driving and age of the car.

Is the Tesla Maintenance Plan Worth It?

If you can afford the upfront costs, purchasing a Tesla maintenance plan is worth it. Typically, the Cost of a single service appointment tends to be higher than the cost of the entire prepaid maintenance package, but this can depend on the service center. However, it’s best to avoid buying if you plan to avoid driving your vehicle frequently or for long periods.

Tesla Maintenance: Do You Need Additional Protection?

If your vehicle is still under factory warranty, you do not need additional coverage for your Tesla. However, if your coverage plan has expired and the Cost of repairing your vehicle is high, you should consider an extended warranty. In addition to the repair costs we’ve provided, we’ll detail Tesla’s reliability ratings and factory warranty coverage for new and CPO vehicles.

Tesla Reliability

While there is little information regarding the overall reliability of Tesla models, initial results are not encouraging. In the JD Power 2023 US Vehicle Dependability Study℠, Tesla was unofficially ranked 28th out of 32 auto brands for overall reliability.

The automaker technically didn’t qualify for the ranking because it didn’t share certain owner information with JD Power. However, the study showed 242 problems per 100 Tesla vehicles, well above the industry average of 186.

What can be known is that Tesla models break down relatively frequently, and Tesla maintenance costs are quite high. Suppose you’re worried about the potential for unexpected and expensive repairs in the future. In that case, consider one of the industry’s most reputable auto extended warranty companies.

Tesla Warranty Coverage

Every new Tesla car comes with a standard factory warranty, and the company offers extended warranty plans and coverage for certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. This guarantee covers repairing or replacing various damaged parts within a certain period.

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Tesla’s new vehicle limited warranty comes with three main types of coverage:

  • Basic vehicle limited warranty
  • Additional restraint system limited warranty
  • Battery and drive unit limited warranty

Under the basic vehicle limited warranty, every new Tesla receives four years/50,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage. The supplemental restraint system limited warranty offers five years/60,000 miles coverage for your car’s seat belts and airbags.

The battery and drivetrain limited warranties are similar to most vehicles’ powertrain warranty plans. These last longer and vary slightly by Tesla model, as seen below:

Tesla ModelCoverage Term
Model S8 years/150,000 miles
Model X8 years/150,000 miles
Model 3 Long Range8 years/120,000 miles
Model 3 Performance8 years/120,000 miles
Model Y Long Range8 years/120,000 miles
Model Y Performance8 years/120,000 miles
Model 3 Standard Range8 years/100,000 miles

Used Vehicle Limited Warranty

Buying a used car from Tesla will cover it with the remainder of the basic vehicle’s limited warranty. Once it expires, the used vehicle limited warranty offers additional coverage against Tesla maintenance costs for one year/10,000 miles. If a vehicle’s basic limited warranty has expired, Tesla used car warranty coverage begins on the day the vehicle is delivered.

Tesla car warranty coverage can also be transferred to the next owner at no cost. Log in to your Tesla account and transfer ownership to the new buyer.

Tesla Maintenance and Repair: Expanded Coverage Options

Tesla Maintenance Cost: If you want to protect your Tesla vehicle for a long period, consider purchasing an extended warranty. Below, we will detail manufacturer warranty extension plan options and our recommendations.

Tesla Extended Service Contract

Tesla’s extended warranty plan, known as the Tesla Extended Service Agreement (ESA), extends certain factory warranty coverage to 2 years or 25,000 miles and is available for all Tesla models. This coverage is exclusive, meaning it covers most vehicle components except for certain exceptions. You must purchase a Tesla ESA before your factory warranty coverage expires.

What Does the Tesla Extended Warranty Not Cover?

Tesla ESA does not cover lithium-ion batteries or drivetrains, as both have their warranty terms. The following situations and types of damage are also excluded from Tesla ESA:

  • Damage caused by unauthorized repairs
  • Damage due to misuse or lack of recommended maintenance
  • Vehicles with altered odometers
  • Damage to covered parts by uncovered parts
  • Failure to take the vehicle to a Tesla service center when a covered
  • problem arises
  • Routine Maintenance Items
  • Wear problems
  • Damage related to the environment or accident

Tesla Extended Warranty Fees

Tesla lists the prices of extended service agreements on its website, which is a welcome change for other automakers. The company sells packages directly to consumers, so the prices are the same across the country. Here’s a look at how much Tesla ESA costs for each model, with all plans requiring a $100 deductible:

  • Model S: $3,100,00
  • Model X: $3,500,00
  • Model 3: $1.800,00
  • Model Y: $2,000.00

Tesla Maintenance Cost: Tesla Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Tesla publishes recommended maintenance schedules for several services. This does not cover worn items such as wiper blades, tires, and brake pads, which should be checked at every service appointment and replaced if necessary.

Replace Cabin Air Filter*Every 2 years (Model 3, Model Y)Every 3 Years (Model S, Model X)
Rotate Tires, Align WheelsEvery 6,250 miles
Test Brake Fluid, Replace If NeededEvery 2 years
Replace Air Conditioning Desiccant Bag6 years (Model 3)4 years (Model Y)3 years (Model S, Model X)
Replace HEPA Air Particulate FilterEvery 3 years
Clean and Lubricate Brake CalipersEvery 12 Months or 12,500 miles in regions that use road salt

Tesla Warranty Extensions Using Third Parties

There are several other providers of additional warranties for Tesla cars, not just CarShield. These companies provide a wide range of plans to meet the needs of their customers. The following are examples of well-known companies that offer extended warranties for Tesla:

Durability: This provides a comprehensive service contract for the car, protecting everything from the engine and gearbox to the battery and electrical system.

Protect My Car, whose services include extended warranties, maintenance coverage, and emergency roadside service.

Cachex: Cachex allows you to personalize your Tesla extended warranty to your specifications with flexible coverage options.

Research and compare different providers, read customer reviews, and consider your Tesla’s age, mileage, and planned use before deciding on a third-party extended warranty. Make sure the coverage and extended warranty on the car you choose match your Tesla service needs.

Owner Satisfaction with Tesla Maintenance

Tesla’s sales are booming, but its service center network is growing slower. As a result, many Tesla owners have complained of long wait times for service appointments, even as GM helps the automaker.

Parts shortages are also hitting the automotive industry, and Tesla is not immune to this.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Tesla will experience 14 recalls in 2023, potentially affecting more than 2.5 million vehicles. In February 2023, Tesla recalled approximately 362,760 vehicles equipped with “Full Self-Driving Capability” software after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) warned that it was unsafe.

In December 2023, Tesla recalled more than 2 million vehicles due to an increased risk of crashes resulting from a lack of controls to prevent misuse of the Autosteer feature.

In February 2024, Tesla issued a recall for nearly every vehicle it sold because the safety warnings it displayed were less than the minimum required by federal law.

People also ask with Tesla Maintenance Cost

Q: Is Tesla expensive to maintain?

A: According to Automotive News, the average Tesla repair cost is $5,552. So, even when buying a brand-new Tesla, you should consider these fees to ensure your purchase fits your budget. Here are the most typical Tesla repairs and their estimated costs.

Q: Do Tesla cars require a lot of maintenance?

A: Your Tesla vehicle does not need annual maintenance or fluid changes. Check the owner’s manual for the most recent maintenance recommendations.

Q: Are Teslas expensive to insure?

A: As a result, Tesla auto insurance prices are roughly 50% higher than those for the ordinary vehicle with full coverage. Full coverage on a 2022 Tesla Model 3 costs an average of $3,209 per year, or $267 per month, 60% more than the average across all car models.

Q: Are Teslas reliable cars?

A: Consumer Reports’ testing and surveys revealed that Tesla’s two cheapest models are also the most reliable. The most expensive Tesla models are the least reliable. In 2024, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are the most dependable.

Note: This article was published out of concern for the TeslaCarModel Team’s dedication to providing the best solutions for readers, and it will continue to be updated for accuracy.


Overall, Tesla car maintenance costs tend to be higher than standard industry vehicles and have high repair costs if your vehicle breaks down. However, if you don’t drive your vehicle often or have a more reliable model, you may not need to pay the high price. Even so, comparing vehicle protection plans is a good idea if you want to keep your car for a long time.

Tesla maintenance costs can fluctuate widely depending on a number of circumstances, but there are some general recommendations that Tesla owners can follow to plan for these costs. Tire rotations, brake pad replacements, and filter changes are still important maintenance jobs that owners should consider, despite the fact that the lower number of moving parts on Tesla vehicles reduces the frequency with which they are performed.

Battery replacements at Tesla can be expensive, but the company’s products have a reputation for longevity, and many models have extended warranties. Tesla vehicles are built to last, thanks in part to the company’s dedication to quality control and the release of regularly updated software. The Tesla service center is here to provide expert maintenance and ensure your Tesla remains in top condition.

We’ll be back soon with more information on the Tesla Car Guide, so bookmark our website to stay updated.