2018 Tesla Model S P100d

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2018 Tesla Model S P100d

2018 Tesla Model S P100d welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures electric car, we hope our site can give you best experience. After a smaller image change in 2016, the S model is back with no major changes in 2018. The most affordable version is the 75D, with a starting price of $100,000 before taxes and incentives, while the p100d is as impressive as ever with a battery of 100-kWh and a 2.7-second 0-100 km per hour time. Between the two, is the 100D with 572 km range by about $125,000. Its maximum speed is set at 250 km/h!

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The TESLA model S P100 has dual electric motors and a 100kWh battery. The range is excellent although it is the potential for rocket acceleration that will attract most buyers to this sedan. The interior quality is improved over the base models although the ride can still be too firm. A 17-inch touch screen replaces physical controls (whether you like it or not) and features as a bioweapons defense mode to block harmful odors, remote software upgrades and near-autonomous driving capabilities underline This sedan Super pioneer aspirations.

The Tesla Model S has revolutionized the way we see electric cars and is partly responsible for the new wave of totally electric vehicles that are now coming to market. Of all variants, range-topping derivatives have made the majority to convince buyers that the internal combustion engine has reached its match.
The p100d is the latest model of this type and as is usually the case, YouTube is inundated with face-to-face compared to almost anything else on the road. This is not a trick pony though; Constant upgrades and modifications have seen the model S become a luxury sedan accomplished and the p100d comes full of advanced features.

The cabin is a blend of modern and minimalist design, the large 17-inch touch screen controls almost all functions in the car and the only remaining physical buttons are on the steering wheel.
Thanks to a battery pack that extends the length of the landing gear, there is plenty of space inside and five adults adjust quite comfortably. An optional third row offering two smaller seats is available as an executive choice of four seats can also be specified to limit the back seats to two very luxurious chairs.

While the quality of the interior material is not up to the best rivals in this price range, the availability of several Premium interior finishes in the p100d elevates the luxury levels above the base model S.

The rear trunk is spacious and above the average size, the rear folding seats allow a large loading area and there is still the front trunk, or Frunk as Tesla to call it, for additional storage space.


The P100 has a 100kWh battery and an electric motor on each axle, which offers a range of 315 miles in ideal conditions and comes equipped with ridiculous speed update. The time often quoted 0-60 mph of 2.5-seconds makes this the fastest four-door sedan in the world. The achievement of this number in the real world is not as easy as you may think the battery will have to be almost full and at the right temperature, it can take a while, using the launch mode also severely shorten the available range.

Still, you cannot deny that even a poorly prepared p100d will see outside most sports cars without many problems and the most relevant debatable figures of the shot are even more impressive. The maximum speed is an academic 155 mph and while the acceleration is turned off as the speed increases, at any legal speed the P100D Supreme queen.

The standard versions 75D and 100D of the model S are fed by a pair of engines of 193 kw (259 hp), one per axis. The high performance p100d exchanges in a more powerful rear engine of 375-KW (503-HP), maintaining the same front engine, along with some improvements to your power electronics and various electronic control systems.

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2018 Tesla Model S P100d

The acceleration is fast, soft and quiet on all models, but the p100d top offers “insane ” or “ridiculous” modes that will make rockets with the 5,000 lb car from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds if the battery is fully charged. That doesn’t do much for battery life, and eats the gamut, but it’s addictive and one of the best ways to sell the idea of electric cars. Just look for videos of “Tesla p100d acceleration ” Online and you’ll see the shocked reactions of unsuspecting passengers. That model is not cheap — it starts around $130000 — but its acceleration cannot be found in any other way than a supercar.

Even in the lower models, the maximum electric torque available from 0 RPM provides a quick victory in traffic light drag races. The all-but-silent propeller and the lack of wind noise make it too easy to exceed 60 mph even on the streets of the city. Despite its all-aluminum construction, the Tesla is a heavy car, but its battery weight is as low on the chassis as it can be, and the flat and confident corners. The optional air suspension is well confronted with more types of surfaces and road conditions than conventional steel fittings in the most basic version, and increase the company’s path and controlled to above average.

The drivers can adjust the suspension firmness of the air suspension to be firmer than the standard defect or a comfort mode that might be called more exactly “soft. ” The drivers can also choose the regenerative braking. Standard or more aggressive, even though it is nowhere near the BMW one-pedal driving, and whether to add idle creep in stops or completely eliminate it.