2022 Tesla Model S Interior: New Interior and Infotainment Features

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2022 Tesla Model S Interior Summon Lord Helmet and Colonel Sanders, because Tesla lost Plaid. Nothing can die without a fight, the new Tesla Model S Plaid 2021.5 aims to take the Lucid Air Dream Edition 2021 and its 1,080-hp electric powertrain. Why is the model year cute?

Tesla doesn’t really “do” the model year, and previously released info about the 2021 Model S changes apart from this; considering the launch of this recently updated Model S, it could be 2021, 2021.5, or 2022 – the point is that Tesla is constantly updating its car, and we’re trying to assign a coherent model year for the new vehicles we cover.

More importantly, Tesla claims the Model S Plaid will be the fastest production car ever built. It is not subtle pride.

Separately, Tesla has also updated the entire Model S lineup – with all the fuss over the Tesla Model 3 sedan and Model Y compact crossover, we’re starting to wonder if the Model S and the Model X SUV have been forgotten.

Tesla announced specifications for the new Model S during its fourth-quarter revenue call and showed images of the car’s wildly revamped interior. The most amazing element is the steering wheel, which has been replaced by an airplane-style yoke, as seen on the delayed Tesla Roadster.

Yoke aside, the interior of the Model S has been streamlined into the Model 3 and Model Y styles, with the giant center screen rotated 90 degrees to landscape orientation. (If the photos are any indication, the new screen will fulfill Elon Musk’s offer to allow Tesla drivers to play the Witcher in his car.)

However, unlike the 3 and Y, the Model S maintains a separate digital instrument panel behind the wheel. , sorry, the yoke. The closely related Model X SUV will have its own take on this new interior.

This is a remarkable achievement. The Model S is by far and away Tesla’s most popular vehicle, known for alone shifting public opinion EVs from outdated, boring people-movers, high-performance engines.

This is the model that sets the stage for all of Tesla’s other offerings, including the top-notch Model X SUV, and more recently, the affordable four-door compact Model 3.

However, the Model S was first introduced in 2012, which means it is starting to get a little long in the teeth, and the second generation of full/mid-size luxury sedans will launch in the next few years.

Having said that, we put on our speculation hats and started thinking about what the next Model S might bring to the table.

Tesla Model S Redesign 2022: New Interior and Infotainment Features

This is very different from the Tesla seen in the ‘Ring with the prototype, but here we are in 2019 looking at the wide-body Tesla Model S set a record over Green Hell.

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We know very little about the car itself, but as you can see from the image above, the tires are wider and, therefore, require wider fenders as well.

There’s also a much larger opening in the front bumper, presumably to channel extra air to the electric motor up front and help keep the battery cool under such heavy loads.

Lastly, there’s also a spoiler on the back to help add extra downforce. What we don’t know, however, is what kind of power output this particular model has.

Did Tesla tinker with the motor and battery to generate lethal power just to get this record-setting working? Is the configuration the same as the current P100D with a few minor changes here and there?

Either way, Elon Musk recently said there won’t be any major updates to the Model S in the future. So, the next-generation model is not going to happen anytime soon.

However, there will be updates to help modernize current designs – as was the case in 2017 – the models used here in an attempt to set records can provide some clues as to what we can expect from that model or even the crazier model.

Which can be released in the future. Until then, enjoy the spy photo gallery we have added to the gallery at the bottom of this page and enjoy this speculative review written back when the next generation Model S was expected.

The Tesla Model S may have one of the most futuristic interiors of any large sedan on sale, but it doesn’t feel as fancy as some of the other sci-fi alternatives.

Discounting the more futuristic Model 3, the Tesla Model S has one of the most minimalist interiors of any car on sale.

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There are no physical buttons or knobs anywhere on the dashboard – thanks to the large central touchscreen – and even the air vents are neatly integrated into the curved top of the dashboard.

Granted, there aren’t any classy details like the elegant interior on the Mercedes E-Class or the sporty feel like the cabin of the BMW 5 Series, but you can still be sure that the Tesla Model S’s appealing design will wow any passenger who hasn’t sat in a Tesla before.

Unfortunately, while the leather upholstery feels beautiful and luxurious, the same plastic trim doesn’t apply to all of the Tesla Model S plastic trim.

The glossy black plastic in the center console looks quite luxurious, but the thin drive selection and indicator rods don’t feel like those of an expensive premium sedan and some of the trim on the doors and around the center armrests are more flexible than that. in a Mercedes, Audi, or BMW.

While some of the Tesla Model S fixtures and fittings feel slightly cheaper than those in the alternatives, the same can’t be said about its large central touchscreen.

It’s bright, clear, and super responsive, so it’s like using a big phone or tablet. Swiping the screen to pan and zoom the high-resolution satellite map is a special highlight.

This display controls nearly all onboard functions of the Tesla Model S, from cabin temperature to the strength of the regenerative braking system.

This means it comes with more menus than in some other fancy salons and the rather small system icons can be a little tricky to accurately press while you’re driving.

There’s a feature that divides the Tesla Model S screen in half, so you can see the navigation direction while also changing some of the car’s other settings, but you’ll still find it takes longer to get over it than the simpler ones. the system is fitted to a Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series.

Much like these cars, you get a high-resolution digital driver display in the Tesla Model S. It replaces the conventional analog dial – which would feel a little prehistoric in Tesla’s sci-fi cabin – with an adjustable screen that you physically control.

Button on the steering wheel. This display is even easier to use than the center touch screen, but it cannot display maps using satellite imagery in full-screen mode like the Audi A6 system.

2022 Tesla Model S Exterior

The most recent renderings you see here are from Emre Husmen, an Industrial, Automotive, and Product Designer with a clear knack for creating some truly extraordinary works of art.

2021 model s interior How much does a Tesla Model S cost in the US?

To help predict what the second-generation Model S would look like, Emre took a cue from the outrageous second-generation Roadster Tesla introduced in November 2017.

The all-round layout once embraces the five-door fastback body style but also incorporates a variety of folds and sharp cuts that make it even more aggressive.

Upfront, the fascia flaunts a wide, low stance S model, with the minimal intakes and openings needed to keep the EV powertrain cool.

The headlights were much slimmer than before, extending back to the front fenders and at a cruel-looking angle. The bottom element for the home gives the headlights a C-shaped design, with a laser lighting element that adds illumination to the front, and the half-hexagon also adds an extra splash of style.

Judging from the profile, the new Model S looks pretty mean. The front overhang is short, while the rear protrudes slightly from the axle, giving it very interesting proportions.

Upgrading this is a set of round fenders up front, while the rear fenders rise to meet the beltline and add extra resilience too. Under the wheel holes, you’ll find plus-sized wheels up to 21 inches in diameter.

We also like the sharp rendering of the character lines along with the doors and lower side skirts, both of which add more visual impact to the design. Pillar C in particular makes us stare with lust.

Moving backward, we find a Kammback-style tail, which is flattened downwards from the spoiler’s flicking upward section. The rear hatch incorporates a large glass section, while the taillights wrap from the rear fender to a dividing line that is at the same level as the profile shoulder line.

The air vents are visible just behind the rear wheels, while the black diffuser element eases the atmosphere from under the car in a sleek and inconspicuous way.

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On the back, we also find chrome connectors for the taillights and OLED for lighting purposes.

The acronym “OLED” stands for organic LED, and the technology allows the taillights to change color depending on whether the driver is turning, braking, or indicating a turn.

Overall, we expect the next Model S to be very aerodynamic. The current model has a confirmed drag coefficient (Cd) set at 0.24, which is one of the slickest Cd on the market today.

The next model should post at least 0.24 as well, although considering the boost for increased performance it could be even better. A 0.2 may be in range by the time the second-generation Model S appears.

A slippery profile is critical in terms of performance and range, both of which are important characteristics for a modern EV.

Every element, from the front splitter to the rear diffuser, to the side skirts, must be perfectly sharpened to slice through the air at high efficiency. Even the doorknob will be hidden in the door panel to help him with that.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that these particular renderings aren’t always optimized for aero efficiency, hence all the strokes and cuts in the body panels.

Granted, these things might not be included in a production model, but we thought they all looked great.

Under the new bodywork, the Model S will likely be equipped with a carbon fiber chassis to keep curb weight as low as possible.

If it doesn’t get a full carbon chassis, then the new Model S will have an additional composite cut compared to the previous model, all in the name of more speeds and more miles per charge.

For now, the Model S measures a wheelbase of 116.5 inches, while the overall length is 196 inches, overall width at 86.2 inches, front track 65.4 inches, and rear track 66.9 inches.

As per tradition, we expect the next generation to grow a little in some (or even all) of these dimensions. That’s especially the case about wheelbase length, width, and distance, all of which may take an inch or two to make it stand out in the luxury segment.

2022 Tesla Model S Interior

On the inside, Tesla takes a step into the next-generation Model S, and you’ll find an all-new interior design, something that brings in more drama and style than the somewhat sterile aesthetic seen in the Model 3 and Model S.

2021 tesla model s interior Is Tesla Model S fully electric?

Of course, there has to be a lot of overlap over the older models too, especially in the center console, where we found Tesla’s signature infotainment hub with a large digital display to provide all the user input required.

For now, the Model S comes with a 17-inch display, but we think the next generation can get something up to 19 inches in diagonal size.

Regardless, we’re pretty sure the Tesla model s 2022 will incorporate some OLED technology for the center screen as well, while rendering also adds an OLED screen to the steering wheel.

The steering wheel screen section can be found to the left and right of the central Tesla logo, with touch-sensitive buttons for the infotainment system and driver assistance.

The wheels themselves were also reshaped, moving from a simple flat-bottom wheel to a more geometric and octagonal arrangement.

Much like the current model, the next generation will once again be super quiet inside, thanks in large part to the all-electric powertrain and low drag coefficient.

The driver will enjoy a heated steering wheel, while front and rear passengers will enjoy a heated seat. And don’t forget the onboard air filtration system, which can provide full bioweapon attack protection. So they said.

One thing people will be looking forward to is the new and improved Autopilot feature, which by the time the next-generation Model S arrives should have full Autonomous Level 5 capability.

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And that means the car will be able to self-drive from A to B without any human input, essentially acting as a fully self-driving transport pod if desired.

Even so, the Model S’s large range of sensors will make it super safe if you decide to take the wheels back yourself, with standards like lane guard assistance, blind-spot monitors, auto braking, and more making it all as automatic. you want.

The car will also be very safe, with a sophisticated collision structure that creates a high level of resistance from major impacts thanks to a low powertrain positioned in the center.

Additionally, the next-generation Model S will also come with plenty of room for storage, with a rear trunk and a front trunk (or “frunk” as it is called in Tesla’s language) for cargo, all provided by the lack of a large internal combustion engine.

The Model S will once again accommodate 5 adults, plus 2 children behind the rear seats, although there should be plenty of extra space thanks to the larger exterior dimensions.

At the top, look for the Model S to once again use a plus-sized glass roof, which, as usual, allows for ample ambient lighting into the cab.

Complementing the natural lighting will be a set of LEDs for lighting that turns extra colors at night.

The next Model S also won’t skimp on infotainment items. Standard specs will include a variety of USB ports for mobile device support, while the expandable stereo will come with support for XM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone app support, and all the other infotainment features you’d expect.

There should also be a set of mobile app control features, such as call features, system status reading, cab pre-conditioning, and more.

Lastly, the Wi-Fi connection and the choice of voice command feature will make it perfect. An over-the-air software update will make it the latest and greatest that Tesla boffins have to offer.