2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range MSRP

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2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range MSRP

2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range MSRP This is the electric car you were waiting for. Or, rather, it is one of 500,000 of them, somewhere in the north, or USD 1,000 for pre-sale, in any case. After all, we have the chance to try out the Tesla Model 3 2018, the long-awaited solution to the biggest Tesla problem: it sells cars that most people cannot afford. Model 3 is therefore ready to move Tesla from a sacred, aspiring startup to legal, sceptical corporate success.

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It’s a lot of one $35,000 car that you have to drive on. While my first impressions behind the wheel of model 3 clearly showed that the car wants to be good, the problem is there: The car you are looking for now costs $56,500. This means that it is no longer in competition with the $37,495 Chevrolet EV screw, but has instead been extended to the nicely equipped range of the BMW 3 Series and even to the 530e base. How to do it? Let us start with this.

Typically at roadshow we do not talk about the configuration until the end of a review. But since the price is such a big part of the Model 3 ‘s allure, I’ll get it out of the way right up front.

The Tesla Model 3 starts theoretically at $35,000. For this you get a car with a healthy 220 miles range and a 0-60 time of around 5.6 seconds. This performance is on par with a $40,000 BMW 330i, and a few tenths faster than the $45,600 BMW 330E hybrid. (And if you are unsure whether you are willing to go full-electric.

However, for now at least, you can only use the Model 3 long range, with its 310 miles of range, and that starts at $44,000. There is a good chance you want to add another $5,000 for the premium package that adds modern necessities such as heated seats. Tesla’s much-hyped autopilot driver assistance package is another $5,000, and if you want to add the future “full self-driving capacity, ” that will be $3,000 more.

Add another $1,500 for the wheels and finally $1,000 to get the red multi-coat color. On the car we tested, it adds up to a final sticker price of $56,500, plus another $1,000 target fee. Yes, you could get away for as little as $44,000 now, but then you would roll on a car without heated seats, and if you talk so much money… that just feels wrong.

If I buy, I will skip the color and find my own wheels to save $2500. I would also have gambled and allowed the Stand-alone Driver option, which would have cost me $54,000. By comparison, the BMW 530e hybrid starts at $52,650.

Thank God you will spend most of your time in a Model 3 looking forward to the expansive windshield and not down on the dashboard, because this car is a pleasure to drive. Initial acceleration from the line shows that this is a fast car-not ridiculously fast by any means, but far more than a Chevy bolt EV-or yes, almost everything electrically short of a Model S. It is more than able to put a smile on your face at every stop light.

The Model 3 departs with a barely rotating electric drive, a quiet rush of torque that, combined with a minimalist interior, makes motorway driving a soothing experience. It also gives you more opportunities to appreciate the sound system, which is more than just meeting the expectations you would expect from a car costing more than $50,000.

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2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range MSRP

Once you find out how to unlock the thing, you have access to the most distinctive interior I have ever seen in a modern car destined for the masses. It’s really different than anything else in production today. The dashboard is a single device with only slightly more curves than a straight edge nor the presence of an Eames design. It is dominated, at least on the car I tested, by a strip of raw wood just a few shades darker than blond. And it is broken under by a line of brushed metal.

There are no vents–at least not in the conventional sense–no cluster of gauges, and ultimately no distractions. Air flows from a seam that runs the length of the hyphen and hides from various other openings in the cabin. The look is strong and refreshing and in conjunction with the openness that the glass roof offers, it is truly a remarkable venue. It is so zen that I expected half a touch of incense the first time I sat down.