2020 Tesla Roadster Test Drive

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2020 Tesla Roadster Test Drive

2020 Tesla Roadster Test Drive welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures electric car, we hope our site can give you best experience. Imagine a journey through the United States without the cleaning of the aroma of petroleum from your hands with small bottle of material evidence sanitizer keeps hidden in the glove compartment. Now imagine that tearing up the asphalt in your new Tesla, Roadster 0-60 in a 1.9 seconds. unthinkable Imagine still top speeds of 250 beats MESP (of course in this world there are no cops) imaginary glass plate removed and wind blowing through the freedom the hair shaft.

This is the future, but the not too distant future for Tesla CEO, who introduced 2020 Tesla Roadster last month. This 4-nation, four-wheel drive, electric vehicles can travel 620 miles among tariffs. With a heavy price of $200,000, it will leave future owners deposits of $50,000 to celebrate 2020 in style and speed up.

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Imagine once again this dream trip. Conceived in a roadster in 2020 can be renovated New York City in a Saturday morning, and crosses the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco in less than a week later. If you bring a partner of leadership and moving (if they are in fact no restrictions in this fantasy speed), you may be removed from the Atlantic ashore and will arrive in the Pacific Ocean in four days.

This is possible due to current and future spread of electrical charging stations across the country, who meet the global climate crisis died in a car at a time. The vision of being able to reduce global warming through sustainable energy is increasingly becoming a reality. Fortunately, not all machines Tesla Roadster the elite price. In fact, model 3, discovered in 2017, has an affordable cost of $35,000. As a result, more and more drivers will be able to combine the fight against burning fossil fuels.

Only the roadster, however, can go 620 miles between the charges, so our imaginary road trip must wait for 2020. When that happens, you will be able to experience a carbon neutral road trip in the US with this 4-6 day journey driven by good food, scenic drives and the clean charge of electricity.

Saturday: Leave New York City (there is a charging station in College Point, Queens). Drive 450 miles to Akron, Ohio for a charge at Papa Joes’s restaurant where you can refuel on your half pound loin burgers. Sit at the window of the restaurant so that you can look at your car in a much more admirable way than if you check your phone for its growing charge.

Sunday: Leave Akron, and drive 510 miles to Springfield, Illinois, where you’ll find legacy pointe, outlet stores with something for everyone, including a Tesla charging station. It might be a good idea to buy your new Tesla a little something, such as chic shift buttons, an auto organizer, or a detailing kit.

Monday: Leaving Springfield for Topeka, Kansas (372 miles away), off Route 75. There, at Arby’s, a charging station and a roast beef sandwich will get you on your way. Set the trip for another 540 miles to Denver, Colorado, and download your roadster and yourself at Hampton Inn off Interstate 70. It seems like a long drive, but with the car aerodynamic design, the miles and hours seem to fly.

Tuesday: Leave Denver and 520 miles per vehicle Salt Lake City, Utah. Will not find an accused police station in Tesla service center of interstate 80, but that there is a need for a service center in this great?

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Wednesday: After a respite in Salt Lake City, wake up early and drive to Reno, Nevada, just 518 miles away. The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino has a Tesla charging station, and certainly enough entertainment to occupy its time during the store. At the casino you will surely be seen as a person who bets on a sure thing. After all, they put a $50, 000 deposit on their 2020 roadster.

2020 Tesla Roadster Test Drive

Thursday: The last leg of your trip is a short, just 218 miles across the Golden Gate Bridge to the hotel Löw’s regency, where you can enjoy a drink at the rooftop bar, as your new 2020 Tesla Roadster charges up to forty-eight stories below.

There is a wide cry from the cross-country road trips seen in the movies. (Remember Chevy Chase trekking with the family in tow over the great American landscapes in national Lampoon’s vacation). In fact, speaking on the November 2017 unveiling of the roadster, he said, “” Driving a gasoline sports car will feel like steam engine with a side of quiche. “Maybe he suggests that ” real Men “(and women) drive away from the dark days of gas pumps and their fossil fuel footprint. The future is much brighter, and the innovations of the sustainable energy and the entire structure of leisure travel will certainly be complemented by innovations of “” Innovation “for the coming years.