2020 Tesla Roadster Acceleration

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2020 Tesla Roadster Acceleration

2020 Tesla Roadster Acceleration welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures electric car, we hope our site can give you best experience. The race for the fastest production car in the world has gone crazy in the last few months. First we saw the Dodge demon, then came the Hennessey venom F5, and finally the second generation Tesla Roadster. With all these ridiculously fast cars in mind, we can’t stop asking-what is really possible and where is the acceleration limit for a production vehicle.

When we ask ourselves such philosophical questions, we always consider the technology explains YouTube channel for help. And luckily, there’s a new video that sheds light on how fast the new Tesla Roadster will really be. But before you dig into the video above, the first thing we need to talk about is that all the numbers for the roadster are still just claims. There is no production car to prove 0-60 miles per hour (0-100 kilometers per hour) acceleration is actually possible in 1.9 seconds-and it will not be one to 2020 if everything goes on plan.

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And what is that claimed 7,376 pound-foot (10,000 Newton-meter) of torque? After the video, it basically means nothing until we know how much horsepower the car is doing. It will have a lot of torque, it will be fast-we all know that, but this number is nothing to get super excited until it is actually put in the context.

Tesla also says that the new roadster will be the fastest production car in the world. It is a bold statement that depends on so many factors. The end result, according to the technique explained, is that tires need to be better. Ultimately, the acceleration comes to tire technology-as it improves, we will see 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) times go down, but if it remains the same we will not see much improvement, no matter how much power you throw at a vehicle.

The new Tesla Roadster was spotted by completing test rounds at the Fremont Factory test track. Last week the car appeared in a number of locations throughout the UK revealing its design to crowds of fans. Last month, the car was also spied in California during a road test with head of Tesla designer, Franz von Hausen, who shared a photo of the prototype with the sign “afternoon at sea”.

2020 Tesla Roadster Acceleration

Well, it has been discovered in the Fremont factory doing rounds of the track. A Tesla fan captures a short clip of the car petering around the track and then comes to a complete halt in front of missiles. It will have all wheel drive and have torque steering.

The car has a 2 + 2 set-up, which means that it can accommodate four passengers, although it is fairly cramped in the back of Musk. The prices for the Roadster start at $200,000, which compared to current supercar with specs like this, is a bit of a steal.