2018 Tesla Model X P100D Price

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2018 Tesla Model X P100D Price

2018 Tesla Model X P100D Price welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures electric car, we hope our site can give you best experiance. This is a big SUV that comes standard with five seats, but if you have any money left over you can option the model X with six or seven seats. Standard features include a huge 17-inch touchscreen, SAT NAV, reversible camera, climate control, and seven more configured cameras to allow the car to be fully self-contained when the software is unrolled.

The X model also comes standard with a rear wing and sleek red brake calipers that will be the envy of your fellow 100. Also make them more than a little jealous is their power plants. While they have the same 193kW and 330nm motors on the front and rear axles of your 100 you will have 193kW/330nm on the front and a 375kW/600 unit on the back. This growl along with the improvement of the ‘ ridiculous speed ‘ rocket the p100d of 0-100 km/h in a supercar-like 3.1 seconds. The 100kWh battery has a range of 542km (NEDC) but it takes 100 miles of that for a real world figure.

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2018 Tesla Model X P100D Interior

The dazzling companion of the foolish rear doors is the expansive windshield that extends on the roof. A dark dye begins where the windshield usually ends and works to prevent the cabin from becoming hot as a greenhouse. Sun visors flip from pillars A and sway in position. We were skeptical of the worth of the windshield until we drove among the skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles. Suddenly, the tops of the buildings came to the eye. We were stunned, like tourists with loose jaws endlessly looking up. It loses the gates of the Falcon Wing, Elon; The windshield is the best trick of the X model.

Tesla has settled the handles of the Model S feeding door that present and retract in the presence of the key. The X model actually doesn’t even have handles. Instead, a flush-mounted chrome Lance opens the doors with a push. Like the rear doors, the front doors of power open slowly and cautiously to sniff out possible obstacles. The zipper can be done with a push, but it is much cooler to see the doors closing when you hit the lock button on the key. We noticed the Slam front doors through the last few inches of travel. To see if the doors were closed in an arm or a hand, we placed a plastic water bottle between the jamb and the door. The X model showed no mercy and crushed it. We advise you to stay away from the closing doors.

Second row seats have front-AFT power settings, but no recline. Unlike any other SUV, the second row of the X model does not fold, which means that this is not a machine that devours the sidewalk couch. But also unlike any other SUV, there is a deep trunk in front. The second row slides forward and tilts with the push button to allow access to the third row of two seats. Third row runners get a good amount of space as long as the second row stays ahead.

2018 Tesla Model X P100D Engine

We tested a X p90D, which means that he gets the biggest battery of Tesla, a package of lithium-ion batteries of 90 kWh which offers a range of 250 miles claimed. In our short period of time with the X model, your computer Panel has reported that we use 107 kWh on 246 miles; C is the energy equivalent of 77 EBMPS.

Like the S model, the X is not ashamed if it lines up next to a supercar on a drag strip. An electric motor on each axle provides four-wheel drive. Add the maximum potential of the engines and get a theoretical 762 horsepower, but the arithmetic is not so simple. The power sent to the wheels is limited by the battery capacity of transmitting current, so the real combined output is 463 hp for the P90D.

The cost of $10,000 for the ridiculous speed option adds software changes and what Tesla calls a “smart” fuse. That special fuse increases the output of the battery to 1500 amps (up to 1300), and the available output goes up to 532 hp. With or without ridiculous speed, the 713 lbs-feet of torque are available with each throttle hit below 50 mph. That Neck-draught torque certainly gives the feeling of 700 hp. Or falling off a tall building.

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All models of the Tesla performance – denoted by P in the face of the 90 – have run a command that can impress that either on this side of the Colonel Stapp. To enable, select the speed mode absurd, press and hold the brake pedal to the floor, then flatten the throttle quickly and release. The do well and the launch “Enabled” appears on the screen. While holding the left foot on the brake, return to the accelerator with the right and hold the key. When you feel that the X-engines are tight against the brakes, release the brake pedal. The strikes of acceleration so strong that it causes a UHHN “shameful and involuntary,” a its generally reserved for the examinations of the prostate.

2018 Tesla Model X P100D Price

Price: $271,987
Fuel consumption: 542km range
Safety: 5
Seats: 5 (can option 7)
Warranty: four-year/80, km
Engine: Two AC 193kW/330nm (f) and 375kW/650nm (r) Induction Motors
Transmission: Single-speed fixed gear
Spare: None
Turning circle: 14.4 mm
Dimensions: 5037mm (L) 2271mm (W) 1680 (H)