2021 Tesla Model S Specs

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2021 Tesla Model S Specs

2021 Tesla Model S Specs welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures an electric car, we hope our site can give you the best experience. The Model S is far and away Tesla’s most popular vehicle, known for singlehandedly shifting public opinion of EVs from dowdy, boring people-movers, to sexy, high-tech performance machines. This is the model that set the stage for all of Tesla’s other offerings, including the top-shelf Model X SUV, and more recently, the affordable Model 3 compact four-door. However, the Model S was first introduced in 2012, which means it’s starting to get a little long in the tooth, and a second-gen for the full-/mid-size luxury sedan should be headed down the line in the next few years. As such, we put on our speculation hats and got down to reasoning out what the next Model S might bring to the table.

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This latest rendering you see here comes courtesy of Emre Husmen, an Industrial, Automotive, and Product Designer with obvious talent in creating some truly superb-looking art. To help predict what the second-generation Model S might look like, Emre took cues from the outrageous second-gen Roadster that 2021 Tesla Model S Specs introduced back in November of 2017. The overarching layout once includes a five-door fastback body style but also incorporates a variety of sharp creases and cuts that lend it even more aggression.

Up front, the fascia shows off the Model S’ wide, low stance, with minimal intakes and openings required to keep the EV powertrain cool. The headlights are much slimmer than before, stretching back into the front fenders and a mean-looking angle. Lower elements for the housings give the headlights a C-shaped design, with laser lighting elements adding forward illumination, and half hexagons adding a splash of extra style as well.

Viewed in profile, the new Model S looks quite mean indeed. The front overhang is short, while the rear end sticks out a bit from the axle, giving the whole thing very attractive proportions. Enhancing this is a set of well-rounded fenders up front, while the rear fenders rise up to meet the belt line and add extra beefiness as well. Under the wheel wells, you’ll find plus-sized alloy wheels ranging up to 21 inches in diameter.

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We’re also rather fond of the rendering’s sharp character lines along with the doors and lower side skirts, both of which add even more visual impact to the design. The C-pillars, in particular, have us staring in lust. Moving around to the rear, we find a Kammback style tail, which is flattened down from an up-flicked spoiler section. The rear hatch incorporates a large section of glass, while the taillights wrap around from the rear fenders to a dividing line that sits at the same level as the profile’s shoulder line. Air vents are visible just behind the rear wheels, while a black diffuser element eases atmosphere from underneath the car in a sleek, unobtrusive fashion.

In the rear, we also find a chrome connector for the taillights and OLED’s for illumination purposes. The acronym “OLED” stands for organic LED, and the technology allows the taillights to change their color depending on whether the driver is reversing, braking, or indicating a turn. All told, we expect the next Model S to be extremely aerodynamic. The current model has a confirmed coefficient of drag (Cd) set at 0.24, which is one of the slipperiest Cd’s on the market today.

The next model should post at least a 0.24 as well, although, considering the push for ever-improved performance, it could definitely do even better. A 0.2 might be well within reach by the time the second-gen Model S hits the scene. A slippery profile is crucial when it comes to performance and range, both of which are characteristics that are vital to the modern EV. Each element, from the front splitter to the rear diffuser, to the side skirts, should come perfectly honed to slice through the air with high efficiency. Even the door handles will be recessed into the door panels to help it in that regard.

Of course, it bears mentioning that this particular rendering isn’t necessarily optimized for aero efficiency, hence all the swoops and cuts in the body panels. Granted, these things probably won’t see inclusion in the production model, but we think they look great all the same.

Underneath the fresh body work, the Model S will most likely come equipped with a carbon fiber chassis to keep the curb weight as low as possible. If it doesn’t get a full carbon chassis, then the new Model S will definitely have additional composite pieces compared to the outgoing model, all in the name of more speed and more miles per charge.

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For now, the Model S measures in with a wheelbase of 116.5 inches, while the overall length comes to 196 inches, overall width is at 86.2 inches, the front track is 65.4 inches, and the rear track is 66.9 inches. Per tradition, we would expect the next generation to grow slightly in some (or even all) of these dimensions. That’s especially the case with regards to the length, width, and wheelbase, all of which might need an inch or two to help it stand out in the luxury segment.

Tesla doesn’t follow the usual model year update like the rest of the auto industry. With the exception of a somewhat significant Model S exterior/fascia refresh in 2016, 2021 Tesla Model S Specs instead gradually introduces relatively small improvements whenever they are ready for production. WIth those incremental updates adding up, Tesla currently considers the Model S to be on its third generation in just about 6 years.

Electrek has now learned some exclusive internal information about Tesla’s plan for the next Model S and Model X generation with a big interior design refresh.
The Tesla community has been expecting an interior design refresh for the Model S and Model X as soon as by the end of this year.

2021 Tesla Model S Specs, tesla model s refresh 2021, tesla model s redesign 2021, new tesla model s 2021,

2021 Tesla Model S Specs

Some are saying that it is long overdue, but we’ve now learned that Tesla is actually not planning to start production on the new design until another full year (Q3 2019), according to sources familiar with the matter. Tesla is in the middle of its evolution from a small niche automaker into a full-fledged automaker with several high volume vehicle programs.

Just 3 years ago, Tesla had only one vehicle in production, but it now has 3 important vehicle programs in production and it is trying to establish some differentiation and cycles in its lineup. According to documents reviewed by Electrek, Tesla plans for the interior design refresh to extend the life cycle of the current Model S and Model X programs until 2021. Tesla wants Model S and Model X to remain its flagship vehicles during that time.

In order to achieve that, the automaker’s strategy is to ‘harmonize’ the interior with a similar look as the new interior introduced with the Model 3, but with some more premium materials and features. The company expects that this “harmonization” will result in cost reduction and increase its gross margin on the Model S and Model X.


Pricing for the current Model S starts at $66,000 for the 75D, $85,500 for the 100D, and $120,700 for the P100D. Overall, we could definitely see a marginal price increase for the next-gen model, possibly with an extra $3,000 to $4,000 added across the board. What’s more, if 2021 Tesla Model S Specs does add a high-performance model, it’ll likely slot in around the $150,000 range, while a 60-kWh battery option might slot back in at $55,000.