2020 Tesla Model X

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2020 Tesla Model X

2020 Tesla Model X welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures electric car, we hope our site can give you best experience. The Model X is currently the only crossover of the electric automaker, with the compact Model Y crossover on its way. The Model X has a higher starting price than the Model S sedan and has a lower driving range.

The 75D is currently the model X base model and comes with a grade EPA driving range of 238 miles (all the numbers refer to qualifications of EPA 2017) thanks to a battery of 75 kwh that feeds the front and rear motors (all-wheel-drive) that combine to produce a total of 518 hp. The 100D’s 100 kwh battery pack makes more powerful front and rear wheel electric motors and comes with a driving range of 295 miles. The P100D variant uses the same battery pack as the 100D, but the power is increased to 680 horsepower and 791 lb-ft of torque, and the driving range is easily reduced to 289 miles (2017). All Teslas use a one-speed transmission.

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To give you an idea of charging time, charging time for 150 miles driving range with a 75 kwh home wall charger takes about five hours and about three hours with a 100 kwh home wall charger. A Tesla loader lasts only half an hour for 150 miles driving range. In the tests of motor trend, the set model now X P90D hit 60 mph in a very fast of 3.2 seconds and is braked by 60 mph in an impressive 106 meters.

The Model X comes standard with air suspension with a 17.0-inch capacitive touchscreen with media connectivity, 14-way power adjustable and heated front seats, hand-wrapped microfiber and synthetic leather interior surfaces, GPS memory (for automatic driving Height adjustment), a very large panoramic windshield, Falcon wing doors, power rear, interior lighting, heated front seats, a towing package, LED fog lights, LED taillights, power folding and heated side view mirrors and Navigation with traffic information.

A five-seat configuration is standard, but a six-and seven-seat configurations are available. Opt for the premium package and its model X will also include a system of HEPA filtration, a self-presentation front door, a custom audio system, satellite radio, Heated seats for all passengers, a heated steering wheel, rear window defroster, the wiper blade and Heated washer nozzles. The autopilot extended and complete self-drive capacity of system (really) semi-autonomous are additional functions available.

In a first test review of the 2016 Model X 75D, we said, “Bottom line: If you crave for the daily feeling of amazement, get out of driving a futuristic pod that essentially does everything a little differently than ” normal “vehicles and if your SUV needs Pretty much come start and end with a high sitting position and enough hood to distinguish them from the hordes of minivan drivers, then rest assured that a Model X 75D (or maybe even a 60D) will absolutely deliver 90 percent of the daily adventures, That you get from the top performing would be ridiculous models at a price that starts to upgrade from $42,500 cheaper than a P90D with ridiculous speed. Just understand that with any Model X, you will not carry big things, and you may occasionally be required to leave apology notes on the windshields of car-driving your doors attacked.

“In reality, say what you like about Tesla tricks, but the model X, like their brethren sedan, is a piece of machinery that makes you look at all the other cars as if they have just come out of the past. It would be a better SUV without the falcon doors, the rear seats and the windscreen, but as it is now, the model X is a hell of a tug. And in 3.2 seconds to 60, its ability to transport queue is anything but a trick “, we conclude in our first test Review of the 2016 Tesla Model X P90D.

The x “SUV “-Really a crossover SUV more suitable, to roads as outrided roads, wooded trails, or the desert-was a Sidetrack in the company’s multi-stage run-up to the Model 3, which became the ‘ mainstream ‘ product.

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2020 Tesla Model X

Based on the Model S platform, the x follows the formula, albeit with controversial “Falcon wing ” Doors that forbid this function of the suburbs-the roof rack. By 2020, it will be six years old, but its future plans are less clear.

Musk gave the car was expensive and complicated to produce. Nevertheless, it is relatively good to sell as the sub-market of EFD go, with an estimated 16,500 U.S. sales this year to October. That’s right on the heels of Chevy Bolt’s 17,083, and trails the Model S ‘ 20,300.


Fair Market Price $85,235