2019 Tesla Model U

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2019 Tesla Model U

2019 Tesla Model U welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures electric car, we hope our site can give you best experience. Judging by the 325 000-and-counting preorders for the Tesla 3 model and the associated media frenzy, there’s a lot of interest in California’s successful automaker. Best known for its model S luxury sedan, Tesla has now plunged its always-so-tangential toe into the world of trucks with the X-crossover model. While the style and proportions of the model X are not quite as convincing and elegant as the model S, there is no objection it is a fearsome machine, with more than 600 hp and an equivalent amount of instantly available couple Electric.

What has caught our attention are the many mentions given by the CEO of Tesla in the last few years about his desire to develop and sell a truck in the end. Here are some of our guesses on what the features will be on this future powered transport battery, which, for the purposes of this feature, we will call the model U for “utility”. It is also largely part of the Musk naming scheme.

The trucks are all about work, and no matter how High-Tech they are, who will be their home, and who has also been our goal to come up with some of the features and design of our Tesla dream truck. However, just because it is functional and practical does not mean that it cannot be beautiful. And to this end, we will let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are some of the key features we believe a Tesla truck could (and should) have.

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It will break the mold Tesla is never one to follow the Convention. In addition to having four wheels and a steering wheel, the company is largely going its own way in design and engineering. The construction of a truck from the ground up as electric (rather than an adaptation of a gas-powered model) allows this. Not being constrained by existing truck design conventions will allow it to integrate a large number of practices, useful features that would not otherwise be possible or easy in conventional microphones.

It will have an epic “Frunk” One of the most beloved features on Tesla’s models is their front trunk or “Frunk”, a cavernous storage space at the place where a gas engine would be if Teslas had one. We expect the model that you have an incredible frunk. Behind the “T”, we expect the frunk on the model to integrate convenient storage into the standard form. We expect it to offer several USB sockets, 12v, and 120v and wet/dirty storage with a drain plug. Replacement drop-in accessories could include charging stations for cordless tool batteries, a refrigerator cabinet similar to that of companies like ARB and Engle, and multiple organization trays.

2019 Tesla Model U Specifications

One of the biggest challenges of owning an electric car is the range anxiety, the fear of running out of electrons before the driver can get to a charger. Tesla has largely cured this disease with its fast (and free) overfeed network, which can provide Teslas with a few hundred additional Miles of driving in about 30 minutes.
Even so, a heavy duty vehicle needs at least 400,000 of range for convenience sake. To this end, expect the model that you have a basic level battery pack with a capacity of about 120 kwh and a higher level unit of about 160 kwh. This is roughly double that of the Tesla S model, resulting in a certain additional range to relieve the woes of the owners.

For periods where a little more range and power are needed, an auxiliary battery can be attached to the top of the bed floor, resulting in only a minimal amount of storage loss. This would add another 100 miles of range when towing, and could be removed and mounted on the wall of the owner’s garage for the auxiliary solar energy storage house, or have its charge completed by the solar home system Owners. Think of it as a kind of Power Wall Lite. The truck will also have a solar roof and optional solar barrel Board for the trickle load when parked. Removing the battery and placing it in the bed would be an easy two-person job, with the sliding battery and locking on the bed rail system of the floor U model.

2019 Tesla Model U Interior

If the model S, X and 3 are something to pass, expect inside the Tesla truck to be sleek and outwardly minimalist, but packed with practical and cool features. It will probably have a large touch screen on the dashboard, controlling almost all functions. The instrument display would be infinitely configurable to the tastes of the driver, displaying all of the energy consumption, the estimated range, inclinometer, and more. Because it will not have to accommodate a traditional frame, axle, drive shaft, and the case of transfer, we expect that the floor of the cab to be lower for better penetration and exit, and the comfort and room will be Generous. Depending on the distance between the technology and the regulatory environment, some form of Tesla’s stand-alone pilotage system will likely be used. The additional devices specific to the truck that would be handy are the automatic connection and inversion of the trailer; Prediction of the beach based on road, topography, speed and climate; And the estimated time of arrival. Naturally, there will be an abundance of connectivity and entertainment options.

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The electric motors allow for the bulk of the infinite low-range, and it is likely that the truck will offer an air suspension system, raising or lowering the truck by several inches. Expect the body to be completely sealed apart from a few service panel openings, essentially a bumper to bumper plate. As an outgrowth of the autopilot program, look for an “Autostainer” program to recognize obstacles and help get the truck through tricky parts of an off-road trail.

2019 Tesla Model U Engine

Because it is electrically powered, the Tesla truck does not need to rely on a conventional drive shaft and a solid rear axle. For this application, we expect wheeled motors, which is the next logical evolution of Tesla’s technology. This would allow the bed to be much deeper than a normal truck, up to a height where large or bulky objects could simply be rolled into the bed. This would be a welcome feature for motorist enthusiasts. For models equipped with the integrated air compressor, the air hose fittings would be located behind a panel inside the bed to fill the tires, blowing dusty bikes or quads, or compressed air tools for repairs, Same as several 12v, 120v and 240v power outlets.

We’re looking at the Tesla truck to be the center of the construction site. To avoid exhausting the battery from a full day of using the pneumatic tools attached to the truck and the battery chargers of the cordless tool, the truck will have a heavy power input port to connect to the power of Construction. Workers can use the optional frunk refrigerator of sufficient size to keep their lunches and cold drinks. If it starts to be dark, Flip on the 360-degree LED “Halo” light on the top of the cab, the shining light flows all around the perimeter of the truck.

2019 Tesla Model U

Everyone was seduced when the Super Duty of 6.7 L Power Stroke Diesel was updated with 440 HP and 860 lb-ft of torque and the 3500 Ram got 900 lb-ft. Expect the Top-spec Tesla Truck to easily have this couple a lot and an unattended towing capacity of 10 000 pounds. It would be the fastest-accelerating fullsize truck factory available. A 5-second flat unloaded 0-60 time is probable. Electric motors have proven that they can produce power masses. However, they can also consume power masses, especially under load. That brings us to our next feature film.

2019 Tesla Model U Price

Tesla is known to blow up the budget on some of its models, and the truck probably won’t be an exception. However, if Tesla is really determined to take a piece of F-150 and Silverado sales, he knows that his truck cannot start in the six digits. However, expect models fully loaded to go for as much or more as a loaded model S or X. We expect the starting price to be about $60 000 to $70 000 for a cabin basic model of the All-Wheel-Drive crew. The Tesla version of the King Ranch or Denali will likely be in the range of $100 000 to $150 000.