Tesla Model S Redesign 2020

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Tesla Model S Redesign 2020

Tesla Model S Redesign 2020 A new concept shows how Tesla can update the Model S sedan for a new era. Published on Sunday by Istanbul-based artist Emre Husmen, the design shows how Elon Musks can upgrade its 2012 vehicle with a more recent design inspired by the upcoming Roadster sports car.

Working for clients such as Ford and Fiat, Husmen says that the design inspired by the Roadster, which emerged in November 2017, is the “All-new Vision”. Design focuses on aerodynamic efficiency. For speed and energy efficiency with a carbon fiber chassis and Fastback-body style. The C-shaped front laser light set matches the C-shaped rear OLED lights that change color for turn signals and reverse gear. Although Model S is classified as a sedan, Husmen has introduced a more athletic design to perform faster than most Porsche 911ers.

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Internally, Husmen decided to use the 19-inch OLED display to create the Model S, which acts as a central dashboard and protects the instrument panel display. The design also adds customizable OLED screens to the steering wheel, allowing users to place front and center shortcuts. The car also provides an intelligent monitoring system to move between the front, rear and all-wheel drive, while at the same time bringing in five independent autonomous technologies, which are activated in the Tesla cars produced after October 2016.

Tesla Model S Redesign 2020

Next to the semi-trailer, the new roadster enhances the original Tesla 2008 vehicle by a sleek design with a speed of over 250 miles, a 200-kilowatt-hour battery pack, and a 0-60-speed speed of 1.60 seconds. According to Emile Bouret, a professional driver, he proves his car to be a little conservative, using a vehicle in his hand. Unlike Husmen’s design, the prototype models show the Roadster with a more minimal design than the Model 3, and both cars leave all other screens in favor of a single giant display on the dashboard.

Whether one screen can be combined with the controversial steering wheel of the final product, everyone should be suspected. But one thing is certain: Husmen’s works show how the design of Model S, first discovered in 2009, is obsolete after Tesla’s new cars.

With CEO Elon Musk Teasing, the roadster will come with a ‘SpaceX option package’, which seems to be entering a new era with Tesla electric cars.