2022 Tesla Cybertruck: The New Revealed Update

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2022 Tesla Cybertruck according to the news that we got, Tesla Cybertruck seemed to be handed down by an alien race but could challenge all the best-selling pickup trucks.

Equipped with a sharp exterior structure made of scratch-resistant stainless steel and dents, the Tesla all-electric truck is very tough.

Along with the available all-wheel drive, Cybertruck can be towed up to 14,000 pounds and has an estimated driving range of more than 500 miles.

While that only applies to the most expensive models, the cheapest ones start at $ 39,900. Of course, there is still much that we don’t know about Cybertruck, including when it will be officially sold.

At present, it looks like the first version will begin production in late 2021.

Tesla expanded its range to include one of the most popular body styles in America – pickup trucks.

With very impressive statistics for both EV and pickup, Cybertruck gives the company a theoretical whiz in the hole, given how well trucks are sold in the country.

Although Ford and General Motors say they will have their own version in the next two years, the only other Tesla competition is Bollinger B2 and Rivian R1T

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Interior

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Those who thought the minimalist Tesla Model 3 interior would revive that reaction when they saw Cybertruck’s spartan cabin.

While many standard features and options have not been disclosed, the first picture shows a dashboard like a plate that is only dominated by one large touch screen.

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The squared wheel seems to have a kind of screen that lights up, but nothing is confirmed. 2022 Tesla Cybertruck can also accommodate up to six people, and the 6.4-foot cargo bed offers a volume of 100 cubic feet.

It also has a sliding truck body that functions as a road to load four-wheeled vehicles and motorbikes.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Infotainment and Connectivity

As with most interiors, specific details about the Cybertruck infotainment system are largely a mystery.

However, we know that each model will have a large 17-inch touch screen mounted horizontally in the center of the dashboard.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Engine, Transmission, and Performance

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Tesla Cybertruck is available with not only one, not only two but three electric motors. While single motor trucks have rear-wheel drive, two and three motor models have all-wheel drive.

Tesla claims it will change from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and become 110 mph. Cybertruck’s dual-motor will reportedly reach 60 mph in only 4.5 ticks and has a top speed of 120 mph.

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Those who are looking for the best performance will appreciate the three-motor model, which Tesla says will basically teleport from zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds (!) With a top speed of 130 mph.

All Cybertrucks have adjustable air suspensions that can be raised or lowered quickly and provide a ground distance of up to 16 inches.

Add that to the 35-degree approach and 28-degree departure angle and the Tesla pickup can prove to be a formidable off-road engine.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Battery Range, Charging and Age

Tesla does not reveal the size of the battery that will drive the electric pickup. However, each model will have a 250-kW charging cable.

Of course, it will also have access to the vast Tesla Superchargers network.

The driving range varies with the number of motors, but Tesla claims that a single motor has a range of 250-plus miles, dual motors have a range of 300-plus miles, and a top tri-motor arrangement must provide more than 500 miles at a cost.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Towing and Payload Capacity

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If Cybertruck can really attract as much as Tesla claims, it will have a higher maximum rating than popular alternatives like Ram 1500.

While Teslas single and dual motors have a maximum crane rating of 7,500 and 10,000 pounds respectively, models with third motorcycles will be able to attract 14,000 pounds.

Each Cybertruck can also transport 3,500 pounds on a 6.5-foot cargo bed.

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2022 Tesla Cybertruck Real-World Fuel Economy and MPG

Because EPA has not yet released an official rating for 2022 Tesla Cybertruck, we can only turn off the initial Tesla estimates.

Likewise, we also have to wait until we get a real production model to test the ambitious maximum driving range in the real world.

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

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Cybertruck has not been tested for accidents by the National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Road Safety (IIHS).

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Price

However, each model will feature the controversial Tesla Autopilot self-driving feature, and the company says it will offer a Full Self-Driving option for $ 7,000. We also expect other driver assistance technology available.

Cybertruck will be available in three different configurations, all of which are based on the number of electric motors each has.

While all-wheel drive is standard on all but the single motorbike version, each additional motor means faster acceleration, longer driving range, and greater towing capacity.

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