2019 Tesla Model S Review

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2019 Tesla Model S Review

2019 Tesla Model S Review welcome to Tesla car USA designs and manufactures an electric car, we hope our site can give you the best experience. Tesla does not follow the usual model year update as the rest of the automotive industry. With the exception of a little significant S-model exterior/fascia Refresh in 2016, Tesla instead introduces gradually small improvements each time they are ready for production.

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With these incremental upgrades added, Tesla currently considers the model S to be in its third generation in just about 6 years. Electric has now learned some exclusive internal information about Tesla’s plan for the next generation model S and model X with a large interior design update.  The Tesla community has been waiting for an interior design update for the model S and model X as soon as later this year.

Some say it’s been a long time, but now we’ve learned that Tesla is not planning to start production in the new design until another full year (Q3 2019), according to sources familiar with the issue Tesla is in the midst of its evolving small-car niche in a full-fledged car manufacturer with several high-volume vehicle programs. Only three years ago, Tesla had only one vehicle in production, but now he has 3 major vehicle programs in production and is trying to establish a certain differentiation and cycles in its alignment.

According to the documents reviewed by Electric, Tesla plans to update the interior design to extend the life cycle of the current model S and model X programs up to 2021. Tesla wants model S and model X to remain their flagship vehicles during that time. To achieve this, the car manufacturer’s strategy is to “harmonize” the interior with a similar look to the new interior introduced with Model 3, but with some more Premium materials and features.

This is a surprising thing. We expected an interior design update at the end of 2018 maybe to match Supercharger V3, but we’ll have to wait another year. At the same time, it is more understandable when you look at how strong the demand is for the S model and the X model is still these days. Many thought that the Model S interior was becoming obsolete after 6 years of only relatively incremental improvements and no significant changes in design. Some thought an upgrade would be necessary for Tesla to continue selling the flagship sedan.

However, Tesla continues to consistently sell around 2,000 model S and models X globally per week and with the gradual phasing out of the federal tax credit in the United States, Tesla is likely to still have a strong demand for those Vehicles in their biggest market for next year as buyers TA Ke credit advantage before he leaves.

Basically, if you are in the market for a Model S or Model X in the United States, you have to decide if you want the full tax credit $7,500 (or $3,750 during the first half of 2019) or choose to wait for the new interior design and get only $1,875.

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My point is that Tesla does not see the need to refresh those vehicles to keep demand in the short term, but it will change next year with the probably reduced tax credit and more competition.

Now we’re just talking about an interior renovation, but Tesla could also be planning some powertrain upgrades, which we haven’t seen in a while for model S and model X as Tesla has focused on Model 3. It also makes sense to plan for the next big generation shift for model S and model X in 2021. That’s 5 years after the upgrade of the model S exterior design and about 6 years after the launch of the X model.

At that time, Tesla should be made to bring to the market model and, Tesla semi, and the new generation Roadster. It would make sense to show a little love to those vehicles at that time. As for my thoughts on actual design update itself, I will go into more with pictures in another post that comes shortly.

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2019 Tesla Model S Review

The S model remains a first-class electric sedan with Tesla’s flagship vehicle, more coverage (416-539 kilometers depending on the version), enhanced acceleration (0-100 km / h in 2.7 seconds only) and more customization screens and options it is. Even business owners at Tesla Supercharger locations are even taking 400 kWh annual free credits. Blessed with standard traction on all wheels, the S-model now features adaptive LED headlights that improve visibility and corner safety. Advanced autopilot is optional.

$ 99,950 – $ 176,000